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Jonathan Kimpson Breaks Down the Best Ways To Get The Most Out Of Truist Park

As an Atlanta, GA native, Jonathan Kimpson loves to attend Atlanta Braves baseball games at Truist Park. Today he’s here to share his knowledge to break down the best ways to get the most out of your experience at Truist Park!

Purchase Your Tickets Wisely

For a stadium with 41,000 seats, you certainly have a large selection to choose from when purchasing tickets. While the Truist Park website proudly claims that the seats are “designed to maximize sightlines, making every seat feel like the ‘best seat in the house,’” there are still a few tips and tricks to utilize for choosing the best seats. 


As with any baseball stadium, some seating sections are behind protective netting that must stay up for safety purposes in the case of fly balls and bats. So, if you don’t want your view of the game to be skewed, avoid purchasing tickets in the following sections: 1-9, 10-42, 107-143, Champions Suites (Suites A, B, 1-10). 

Where To Buy

While you can still purchase tickets at a traditional booth outside the stadium, most fans have begun using online resources to get ahead on planning. 

When purchasing tickets directly from The Braves website, they will automatically forward you to TicketMaster to complete your transaction. However, you also have the option to look for ticket availability on StubHub, which is deemed the “Official Fan to Fan Ticket Marketplace of” So, both TicketMaster and StubHub are trustworthy sites you can safely use to purchase your tickets online. 

Truist Park also offers Ticket Specials on certain nights, such as “Mastercard Mondays,” where you can receive a $25 Diamond Corner ticket.

When To Buy

One of the most exciting parts of going to a Truist Park game is the promotions, giveaways, and themed nights.

After every Friday night game in the summer, the stadium hosts a unique fireworks show. In addition, you can check out the stadium schedule for a list of special themed nights.

This season, there are also tons of upcoming giveaways. If you attend one of these nights, be sure to get to the game early because there might be limited resources.

Ticket Packages

If your family is planning on attending multiple games per season, it might be worth becoming a member of one of the various ticket package options. These include Season Tickets, Premium Tickets, VIP Experiences, and other Specialty Ticket packages. 

If you’re interested in signing up for a package but aren’t sure which one is the best fit, then Truist Park suggests trying the Fielder’s Choice Ticket Plan. Designed as an introduction to their A-list memberships, it allows you to purchase a Braves ticket bank that can be redeemed for any number of tickets to any game of your choosing. 

Pregame & Stretch Time (or… Food, Stores, & More)

Whether you get to the game early or you need to stretch your legs between innings, there are lots of fun things to do at Truist Park besides watch the Braves. Among the several restaurants and moveable concessions with all your favorite ballpark cravings and more than ten stores to check out new merch, there is also free live music before the games on certain weekend evenings! 

Tours of the Stadium

Are you interested in seeing more of Truist Park? Take a tour and see features of the park you wouldn’t usually be able to during a game!

Tours take place at varying times throughout the week. They last approximately 1.5 hours, and tickets must be purchased in advance. 

Events Held At Truist Park

Not a huge baseball fan? Don’t worry; Truist Park hosts lots of different events! The stadium is used for various community events and concerts throughout the year, so check their schedule for exciting upcoming events. 

Truist Park can even help you host an event! From corporate meetings, tradeshows, birthdays, and rehearsal dinners – exclusive rooms can be rented for whatever occasion you’re planning. 

Jonathan Kimpson of Atlanta, Georgia, hopes you found this Truist Park guide informative and helpful for planning your next visit! Be sure to follow Jonathan for more tourist tips for the Atlanta area.

These are Some of the Best Family Outdoor Activities in Atlanta

As an Atlanta, GA native, Jonathan Kimpson loves to tell other people about some of the fantastic locations to visit and events to attend with your family. Today, he’s here to share his love for this city and break down Atlanta’s best family outdoor activities!

Truist Park

A great way to relax in the warm summer sun and get some fresh air is by sitting outside at an Atlanta Braves game at Truist Park. They offer several types of ticket packages to accommodate your family’s size and needs. In addition, the stadium includes several restaurants and moveable concessions with all your favorite ballpark cravings and more than ten stores to check out new merch. Depending on the date and time of the game, you might also receive free giveaways, and enjoy a free pregame live music concert or firework shows after the game.

If you’re looking for something fun to do as a family when the Braves aren’t in town, then you can visit Truist Park for its other events. From behind-the-scenes stadium tours to local community events and even concerts from some of the biggest bands – there’s always something fun to attend.

{For more detailed information about the best ways to get the most out of your visit to Truist Park, check out Jonathon’s past blog posts here: …}

Atlanta Botanical Garden

The stunningly beautiful Atlanta Botanical Garden is best described on their website when it states: “The Garden is an ever-evolving destination where the horticulturally-minded, nature-inspired and fun-seeking families come together to feel human again.” With 30 acres of outdoor gardens set across different viewing settings, your family won’t be short of amazing sights during your visit. 

Ticket pricing begins at $22.95 for adults and $19.95 for children on weekdays and increases by $2 each accordingly for weekend visitation. You must purchase your tickets in advance for a specific date and time frame of your visit. If you would like to buy a ticket option with more flexibility for the date, you can select the “Flex” ticket options for an additional cost. When booking your visit, be sure to check out the garden’s schedule for special exhibitions and events.

Zoo Atlanta

What better way to enjoy time outside together than by visiting with animals? Zoo Atlanta is one of the most famous family day trip locations in the area and always offers a fun time for the whole family.

Weekday pricing is $27 for adults and $21 for children, with a price increase on the weekends. There is a discounted price for both Seniors and College Students, and Veterans and Babies receive free entry. You must purchase your tickets in advance for a specific date and time frame of your visit.

There are family-fun activities around the zoo, available for an additional price, including behind-the-scenes tours, the Zoo Train, and the Endangered Species Carousel. Like the Botanical Garden, the Zoo is frequently hosting events for kiddos and parents alike, so check out their event schedule when planning your visit.

Piedmont Park

If you don’t have time to travel anywhere else, you have to make plans to visit Piedmont Park. The vast 185-acre park is full of fun activities for the whole family: 

  • Nature trails & hiking paths
  • A 3-acre Dog Park section
  • Walking History Tours
  • A resort-style pool is available for $5 per person
  • Multiple food and beverage concession stands

If you’re looking for a relaxing day enjoying the beautiful Georgia weather, then Piedmont Park will surely deliver.

Jonathan Kimpson of Atlanta, Georgia, hopes you found this blog informative and helpful for planning your next visit! Be sure to follow Jonathan for more tourist tips for the Atlanta area.

Tips to Become a Better Hiker

As an avid hiker, Jonathan Kimpson always tells his friends and family about the benefits of a good hike. The biggest reluctance towards hiking is often a feeling of inadequacy. People fear that they won’t be “good” at hiking, so they instead stay home. However, Kimpson believes anyone can grow into a hiking enthusiast. It all starts with just getting out there and doing it. The first couple of hikes do not have to be long excursions. Simply identifying some paths for beginners can unlock a lifelong love of hiking.

Hiking is a great source of exercise, but it should be more than that. Mr. Kimpson believes too many people focus on the physical aspect of hiking and do not look at how hiking can connect us with nature. A lot of the benefits of hiking come from the fact that people disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature. Hikes should provide ample opportunities to stop and take in the ambiance. Developing a love of that time in nature will improve mood and make a person a better hiker.

One of the best ways to stay motivated and get better at hiking is to do it with a buddy. Not only will it be safer when you start to take on more challenging terrain, but it also is the best way to stay accountable. When you hike with a partner, you usually have to plan it out in advance. This will keep you on schedule and allow you to look forward to your next trek.

It’s important to maintain some level of enjoyment while hiking. While it may seem fun to push your physical limits, everyone is one injury away from not enjoying their hiking experience. No one should ever push past their limits. One way to change what your limits are is to look to exercise when not on a hiking trail. Yoga is one of the best ways to stay flexible and stretch out after hiking as well.

Finally, when you get to a more advanced level, you will need to up your safety precautions. Although technology is advancing, learning how to use hiking tools that are non-electronic could be lifesaving. Do not let a dead cell phone battery compromise your safety. Learn how to use a compass and a map so that you are always able to return safely after a hike.

Jonathan Kimpson of Atlanta, GA Discusses Hawks Excitement!

Jonathan Kimpson of Atlanta, GA will typically write blog posts that cover topics concerning the great outdoors. However, there’s something special happening in Atlanta that cannot be ignored. The entire city has fell in love with the Atlanta Hawks as they continue their historic playoff run. Jonathan Kimpson of Atlanta, GA believes the Hawks run has been great for the entire Atlanta community. There’s something about a winning team that can bring an entire city closer together.

The Hawks, led by guard superstar Trae Young, weren’t even favored to win one playoff series. They entered the playoffs as a #5 seed and squared off against the New York Knicks. This series brought the first glimmer of hope that something truly special was happening. The lights are as bright as possible at Madison Square Garden and the Hawks did not shy away from the pressure. Instead, they seemed to thrive in a raucous environment where the fans were at a fever pitch. Trae Young was spectacular throughout the series and even treated the local New York fans to a bow in the series clinching game 5 win in New York.

If the season ended after the New York series, it would have still been viewed as a success by many loyal Hawk fans. However, Trae Young and the Hawks were not done yet. After a stunning upset of the #1 seed Sixers, it appeared the series would shift back to the control of Philadelphia as the Sixers took the second and third games. The Hawks never quit. They got down early in game four and stayed calm. A late second half run shocked the Sixers and the Hawks knotted the series at 2. In game 5, they were down 26 points. The commentators were talking about resting the starters to try and prepare for a game six. Trae Young, Kevin Huerter and John Collins had other ideas. The Hawks got hot from 3 and stormed back to stun the Sixers.

After winning a game 7 against Philadelphia, the Hawks headed to the Eastern Conference Finals to square off against the Milwaukee Bucks. They once again shocked the world by stealing game 1 with game 2 set to tip off shortly. Count Jonathan Kimpson of Atlanta, GA amongst the people who are no longer shocked when the Hawks defy the odds. With no true powerhouses left in the final four of the NBA playoffs, there may just be a parade to celebrate a championship in Atlanta next month.

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