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Welcome to, a website dedicated to Atlanta-based outdoorsman Jonathan Kimpson as well as insights into hiking and exploring Georgia. Jonathan Kimpson notes that many people began exploring the outdoors through hiking during the onset of the pandemic in 2020 and is thrilled to see that some have continued to exercise, explore new areas, and practice mindfulness through hiking. He realizes that many individuals, particularly in his area, may not be aware that Atlanta is in proximity to a wide variety of different hiking trails encompassing a mix of ecosystems. To this point, Jonathan Alfred Kimpson would like to use this website as a resource for those that wish to learn more about hiking- both in terms of great places to visit and tips for how to expand one’s repertoire as an outdoor enthusiast.

Jonathan Kimpson Discusses His Favorite Hiking Areas Near Atlanta

Over the years, Jonathan Alfred Kimpson has hiked in many different states and countries. Despite this fact, Kimpson finds that many of his favorite trails are located rather close to home. Here, Jonathan Kimpson of Atlanta discusses just a few of the trails that he considers the best that the Atlanta area has to offer.

Sweetwater Creek State Park

Sweetwater Creek State Park is situated just outside of Atlanta’s I-285 perimeter and features over 10 miles of both hiking and running trails. One of the facets of the park that sets it apart from some others is the sheer diversity of its landscape. Sweetwater Creek State Park has a lake, streams, river shoals, and historical ruins of the New Manchester Mill- a relic of the Civil War. Keep in mind that the park’s proximity to the city means that it can be heavily populated with hikers and runners on sunny weekends and holidays, but there is so much space that it really should not be much of an issue for visitors. Sweetwater Creek Yellow Trail is a great choice for individuals that prefer more quiet hiking environments, and the trail provides access to the bridge over the creek, the ruins of New Manchester Mill from across the creek, and even an ancient Native American Cave.

Jonathan Kimpson snaps a photo of the New Manchester Mill ruins
The New Manchester Mill ruins provide an interesting sight for hikers

Sawnee Mountain Indian Seats Trail

A bit further out from the city, the Indian Seats Trail provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views of the mountains. The hiking trail is easy to follow and brings visitors through a beautiful forest to eventually view one of the most impressive views in northern Georgia. Jonathan Kimpson of Atlanta notes that, while the views are certainly beautiful, there is also a palpable rich history in the area as well. First a sacred site for the Cherokee and Creek tribes, the area became a booming gold mining site for the 1800s search for gold in the area. The hike itself is considered a moderate trial, but there are multiple networks of trails that ensure that hikers of all levels can find things to enjoy. If you are from Atlanta and do not mind a trip to your hiking destination, Jonathan Alfred Kimpson recommends giving the Indian Seats Trail a try.

Arabia Mountain Top Trail

The Arabia Mountain Top Trail is one of Jonathan’s favorite hiking destinations near Atlanta because it provides terrains that are truly unique. The first portion of the trail includes a granite slab that locals describe as a “moon-like landscape” and, if you visit, it really does feel like you are walking on the moon. The rest of the trail is a departure from this environment and instead has features such as historic ruins, waterfalls, and exceptional views of the mountains. Jonathan Kimpson has visited the area during several seasons, and Arabia is beautiful in each. Wildflowers pop up throughout the trail in the spring, water pools in the summer, and the fall brings a wide range of leaf colors to the trees around the mountain. The hike may be short compared to some others, but the views and scenery make it a great choice for novice and expert hikers alike.

Future Topics

Jonathan Kimpson of Atlanta recognizes that there are always new things to learn about the ins and outs of hiking and exploring. In fact, even as an avid hiker for many years, Jonathan is still learning new tricks, secret spots, and meeting new people to share insights about the space. Jonathan realizes that his position as an enthusiast empowers him to share what he has learned with others that may be looking to gain experience and work up to more difficult hikes. For this reason, Jonathan Alfred Kimpson will update this website with a variety of mid to high level topics that can help hikers and those interested in the outdoors learn more about the hobby and the natural wonders that Georgia has to offer. Future topics will include popular summer destinations near Atlanta, places that offer exceptional views, as well as what can help prepare you for some of the more difficult trails in the Georgia area.